Art, animation and storytelling.

Welcome to Sharlart!

Hello! I am Charlotte, (known on some social media as Howling Flames) a south-west based 17 year old artist, animator and storyteller with an interest in the natural world and birdwatching! I enjoy creating and telling my stories through the many different mediums available to me and I hope you will enjoy my artwork. I am particularly fond of the coast, where I draw a lot of inspiration from and the coastal wildlife found there.

I use a variety of different mediums, including a large amount of watercolour, acrylic and digital art. I also create stopmotion models, plush toys of unusual creatures like sunfish and occasionally ‘snoods’ and cushions. I enjoy creating and enjoy hearing feedback of what others think of my creations.

I am currently not drawing or animating as much as I usually do due to me being in my last year of A Levels. In the summer I will begin animating the first episode for my animated web series ‘In The Night.’

I wish to pursue a career in art, animation and storytelling in the future! I hope you enjoy my artwork and storytelling!

You can find my youtube at: Howling Flames

My twitter: Howlingflames1